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Microwave sterilization equipment

Model No.︰VYS-30HM6
Brand Name︰VIYASI
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 19800 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
Microwave sterilization equipment works:
Bacteria, like any biological cell, such as water, proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, fats, and inorganic complex compounds consisting of a condensed medium. Wherein water is the main component, the content is at 75 to 85% of the biological cell. Various physiological activities must be water involved, and the process of growth and reproduction of bacteria, the absorption of various nutrients through the cell membrane diffusion, penetration and adsorption to complete.
Microwave sterilization equipment biological effects on cells is the microwave electric field to change the potential distribution of the membrane cross section, affect the membrane surrounding electron and ion concentration, thereby changing the permeability of the membrane can cause cell malnutrition, not normal metabolism, cell structure and function disorders, growth suppressed and death.
Other hand, in the role of the microwave sterilization equipment, insects and bacteria in food can also be due to molecular absorption of microwave energy heating. So that the body proteins simultaneously by the thermal motion of non-polar and polar rotation of the two aspects of the role of its spatial structure change or destroy its protein denaturation. Protein denaturation, its solubility, viscosity, swelling, permeability, stability will change significantly, and the loss of biological activity.
Microwave sterilization equipment characteristics:
The microwave sterilization compared with the high-temperature sterilization, the following characteristics: (1) low temperature sterilization, speed, ② the object can be inside and outside the overall sterilization ③ does not destroy the object original nutrients, color, taste and natural flavor.
The main purpose of the microwave sterilization equipment:
Microwave sterilization equipment used in powder, granular, flake or gel-like food, medicines, spices and other sterilization products.
Microwave sterilization equipment functions and features:
Microwave sterilization equipment with automatic temperature control system, control the microwave density system, automatically adjusting deviation system, alarm function, frequency control system, material control system, programming system. Simple assembly line production operations, equipment operation, and means that the stop, safety, environmental protection, non-thermal radiation.
Microwave sterilization equipment category Model: Tunnel QW-20HM6
Microwave Frequency: 2450MHz ± 50Hz
Input apparent power: ≤ 30KVA
Microwave output power: ≥ 20KW (adjustable)
Dimensions: 11200 × 1165 × 1700mm
Implementation of the standards: microwave leakage in line with national standard GB10436-89
To meet national GB5226 electrical safety standards
Microwave sterilization equipment for non-standard equipment. Technical parameters and pricing are for reference only. The equipment can be customized according to your needs. Welcome to call us or to visit our company and discuss cooperation. Contact: Song friendship. Tel: 15817188338.

Please speak  chinese,because my  foreign language is not good!  when you contact  me  or send an E-mail to me.
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