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Microwave vacuum drying equipment (Microwave Vacuum Dryer)

  • Microwave vacuum drying equipment (Microwave Vacuum Dryer)
  • Microwave vacuum drying equipment (Microwave Vacuum Dryer)
Model No.︰40HV
Brand Name︰kewei
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 168000 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
Microwave Vacuum Dryer thermosensitive material mainly used for drying, sterilization, extraction, such as the production process, due to conditions in a vacuum to ensure that products in the low temperature production, to avoid changes in the characteristics of materials.
Microwave vacuum drying equipment is microwave energy technology and vacuum technology, the combination of a new type of microwave energy applications, which both the microwave and vacuum drying of a series of advantages, with a dry high yield, good quality and low processing costs. Industrialized large-scale production, many items can not be carried out under conditions of high temperature drying treatment, for example, some medicines, chemicals, nutritional food, as well as ginseng, deer horn, such as high-grade herbal material, in order to guarantee product quality, its treatment must be lower than the dry 100 ℃ or at room temperature conditions, it is well known to reduce depression, but also lowers the boiling point of water, such as in an atmospheric pressure (101.3kpa), the water boiling point is 100 ℃, and 0.073 at atmospheric pressure in the (7.37kpa) under the boiling point of water is 40 ℃. Conditions in a vacuum, heating objects enable objects without warming the internal moisture state of evaporation.
Vacuum conditions as a result of air convection heat transfer is difficult, and only rely on the thermal conductivity of the ways to provide heat to the materials. Conventional vacuum drying method of slow heat transfer, low efficiency, and temperature control difficult. Microwave heating is a radiation heating, microwave and materials is a direct effect, where it is heated at the same time, without going through convection or conduction to transfer heat, so heating is fast, efficient drying, temperature control easy.
Typical Equipment main technical parameters:
Microwave frequency: 2450MHz ± 50Hz
Input apparent power: ≤ 6KVA
Microwave output power: ≥ 4KW (adjustable)
Overall dimensions: 1250 × 1080 × 1700mm
Vacuum: 1.0kqa
Dehydration degree of 5-7kgh
Vacuum: 1.0kpa
Microwave Leakage: the national standard GB10436-89
Control: general control or PLC control of man-machine interface.
This equipment for non-standard equipment. Technical parameters and pricing is for reference only. We can customize your equipment needs. Welcome to call us or go directly to my company visit to discuss cooperation.
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