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Microwave equipment (microwave Machinery)

Model No.︰VYS-45HME
Brand Name︰weiboji
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 142000 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Resistant fireproof material drying equipment:
Resistant fireproof material appears on the market now include: ceramic fiber products, aluminum silicate fiber, perlite products, silicon carbide shed, rock wool board, rock wool board, glass wool and other products. The fire resistance of these materials, high temperature, the ability to have better thermal shock resistance and chemical attack, low thermal conductivity and a low coefficient of expansion of nonmetallic material.
Resistant fireproof material material resistant to fire safety features destined to the thermal conductivity to be poor (ie, the insulation is better). Refractory material drying problem. The traditional method of drying cycle is very long, ultra-high temperature drying, waste of energy and drying thoroughly.
    Microwave drying equipment can the Viyasi microwave equipment produced a good solution to this problem, the microwave drying equipment the use of microwave heating penetrating Shop conveyor belt material, heat conduction without resistance, fireproof materials raise the temperature of the material, within the shortest possible time, and can conduct continuous production. High production efficiency, low temperature drying, environmental protection and energy saving.
For example, I produced the perlite door core drying equipment, drying equipment of the fire board representatives, there is a big difference with the traditional method of drying, the traditional drying heating method is to rely on the heat source, through radiation, conduction, convection and other ways, the first heating the surface of the object, and then the heat conduction, so that the internal temperature from outside to inside the gradient is gradually increased. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of fireproof materials, objects within the heat transfer rate is very slow, so as to achieve the objects overall drying takes a long time. Likely to cause unevenness of drying objects, affecting the quality of the material and drying. Microwave drying is a good solution to this question, the drying speed is greatly increased, and the cost is greatly reduced. Include: electrical energy into microwave energy by drying equipment, fireproof material for high power density heating, plus heat distribution, fast processing speed, to solve the conventional heating problem of slow. .
Fireproof board drying equipment can also be when the soundproof material drying apparatus and the drying apparatus of the insulation material is customized equipment, size is customized based on the volume and quantity of the heated material by the user on the need, the heating rate of the power according to a user's request custom, range at 15-200 kilowatts. With temperature monitoring and control, transfer speed control, lighting, power conditioning functions, PLC automatic control is an optional feature, are widely used in the field of refractory drying, drying of fireproofing material, insulation materials such as drying.
I am strong technical force, a complete range of product models, and other related equipment available building materials drying equipment directory lookup. Such equipment can also be used in metallurgy, powder materials, chemicals, ceramics, high energy consumption, the depth of the heavily polluted industrial areas and fine processing of new materials field dry. If your application needs, requirements EMAIL to me, we will give you planning to implement the program.
    Microwave fireproofing material drying equipment compared with conventional drying equipment, the aircraft in the minutes will be able to get the drying effect, treatment temperature is lower than the conventional treatment process temperature have a significant effect on improving product quality. Recommended products:
Microwave the ceramic drying equipment drying the ceramic high mechanical strength, deformation, chemical stability, short drying time, environmental protection and energy saving. As the porous material when molding containing more moisture, porosity, and the preform body bore wall is particularly thin, microwave drying equipment can successfully preform moisture reduced from 18% to 25% to below 3%, the drying effect is also very obvious.
Artificial marble curing device penetrating a method of heating due to heating, no heat conduction, high speed, high efficiency, the best heating curing equipment is the most convenient.
Weiya Si microwave equipment production of quartz sand drying apparatus, the apparatus is a new kind of energy-saving drying apparatus, using a microwave for quick drying, also called a microwave drying apparatus, in addition to drying quartz sand can be used, can also be used with dryer to when the of other humidity and particle size range of materials. Such as slag dryer, clay dryer, limestone dryer, coal dryer, quartz dryer and all kinds of metal concentrate dryer tailings dryer afraid of high temperature materials drying machine. The equipment details Tel: 15817188338.
Please speak  chinese,because my  foreign language is not good!  when you contact  me  or send an E-mail to me.

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