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Power material drying equipment

Model No.︰VYS-120HO
Brand Name︰weiboji
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 450000 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
Viyasi microwave equipment company production of drying equipment is a very wide application in the field of battery materials, equipment including low water content material drying equipment and high moisture content material drying equipment, all equipment using the latest microwave energy technology, automatic temperature control, Automatic detection Queliao shutdown and advanced circuit control design, the inner shell is made of all stainless steel, high-end configuration of a 24-hour production, application the latest frequency switching power supply technology, reduce processing costs, reduce equipment operating load. Direct the use of high-frequency electromagnetic waves to penetrate the material selective heating, fast drying, the moisture content of less than 35% of chemical products, the drying rate can be hundreds of times shorter battery material production enterprise energy-saving, environmental protection, labor saving good helper!
Low moisture battery material drying apparatus applicable range: the primary applied to a moisture content greater than 1%, less than 30% of the powdered or small massive battery material drying, such as the spherical nickel hydroxide drying, lithium carbonate drying. This material can be dried to below 1%, the drying time is short, uniform drying, does not change the materials molecular structure, may be a 24-hour continuous shift production. The device can also be used as a low water content of chemical products drying equipment. Drying process: hopper hopper - mixing feed - into the drying tunnel - drying (adjustable, controllable) - out cooling - product storage. Note: Not suitable for microwave absorbing ability and require drying to less than 1% of battery materials containing the monomer metal or monomer carbon.
The battery materials dryer Scope: Our company produces the high water content are generally large pool material drying equipment drying equipment, mainly used for a variety of high water content, viscosity and strong, cutting a smooth paste or emulsion battery raw materials drying. Drying speed, no pollution, no noise, automatic temperature control, automatic detection Queliao stop, in order to conserve electricity, the device uses the latest inverter switching power supply technology, effectively reduce the processing operating costs, reduce equipment operating load, extend equipment life . The device may also be used as a large output, 24-hour continuous production of chemical raw materials drying equipment is required. Drying process: hopper hopper - mixing feed - into the tunnel - drying (adjustable, controllable) - the material - storage. Note: for strong corrosive products require a special tray, NA materials containing the monomer metal or monomer carbon molecules.
Viyasi battery materials drying equipment is new equipment produced by the company after a long practice research, drying all materials absorb microwaves. Plagiarism please specify from: www.weiboji.cn/flash/sort0131/UPS_EPS297.html. The power and size of equipment is calculated by a unit of time need to bake out the moisture Generally 100 kW device 19 meters long drying 100 kg of water per hour. The equipment can be used 304 or 201 stainless steel plate, good corrosion resistance, durable. Equipment details, please contact: 15817188338, Mr. Song.
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