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Wood drying equipment (wood drying machine)

  • Wood drying equipment (wood drying machine)
  • Wood drying equipment (wood drying machine)
Model No.︰VYS-50HM
Brand Name︰weiboji
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 158000 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
Wood drying equipment is mainly used in the drying of wood, wooden handicrafts, workers made household supplies, wood flooring.
Microwave drying of wood is a new technology, with uniform heating, drying speed, and not out of shape, good quality, conducive to continuous and automated production of a series of advantages.
Microwave drying of wood inside and outside at the same time, with instant heating characteristics, no thermal inertia, so easy to control the drying process; and no noise and harmful emissions, are environmentally friendly drying technology, and simple, is the microwave through the material internal when direct heating water and wood itself absorbs. Due to the evaporation of the surface moisture of the materials, it, material internal temperature is higher than the surface. The pressure difference, so that the material is formed inside the outwardly accelerated migrate to the surface of the water, so the speed of the microwave drying timber is much larger than the speed of convection drying is 20-30 times faster. More than 25% lower than the far-infrared and steam drying energy consumption.
The microwave timber dry material allows internal temperature is higher than 60 ° C, and use materials parasitic eggs soon kill reach moth, mildew role. First take appropriate microwave heating rate for various properties of wood, to achieve the best conditions to obtain the best benefits.
Our company is specializing in the production of wood microwave drying equipment manufacturers, since the plant has successfully developed a variety of models of microwave wood drying equipment users throughout the country, and praised by users. The series equipment is mainly used for solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, floor-based materials and furniture, sofa board thickness of 1.5cm ~ 5cm, the water content greater than 25% dry dried to about 8% of the multiple plate to solve the conventional baking dry cracking, deformation, not completely dry and the Health insects phenomenon.
Timber dryer Viyasi microwave equipment produced in the microwave drying process, its internal eggs, larvae also killed, so that the quality of products to improve a grade. Is now used in more than the national land MILL and achieved satisfactory results.
Viyasi microwave wood drying equipment for non-standard equipment. Technical parameters and pricing are for reference only. The equipment can be customized according to your needs. Welcome to call us or to visit our company and discuss cooperation. Tel: 15817188338
Please speak  chinese,because my  foreign language is not good!  when you contact  me  or send an E-mail to me.
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