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Microwave drying equipment

Model No.︰VYS-80HM
Brand Name︰weiboji
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 58000 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Microwave drying equipment, also known as the microwave dryer, microwave machine for drying food, herbs, wood, chemical products, building materials, cardboard, wood and other materials, compared with conventional drying equipment, microwave drying equipment is characterized by : drying speed, high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving, new equipment in response to a low-carbon economy. Its working principle is to take advantage of the penetration of the microwave heating raise the temperature of the material, so that the moisture in the material vaporized by evaporation of water vapor from the dewetting system to drain away to achieve the purpose of drying materials. The following are the details on microwave drying equipment.
Viyasi microwave drying equipment prices are determined by specific equipment programs, due to the non-standard equipment, the length, width and power of each device is not the same need to be customized according to your application, so the price needs to be carried out according to a detailed program costing after to come.
In general, the lower the price of a small microwave dryer, generally in the 2-5 million. In large microwave equipment prices are generally in the 8-80 million range. For further information, please contact us, Phone: 15817188338 Contact: Song Friendship Company URL:
Viyasi microwave equipment company to produce energy-saving microwave dryer, divided into two cabinet drying equipment and tunnel drying equipment, the cabinet machine shaped like a large refrigerator, intermittent work. Tunnel microwave drying equipment using microwave heating penetrating Shop conveyor belt material, in the shortest possible time to raise the temperature of the material, can production continuity.
Microwave drying principle is quite different to the traditional method of drying, the traditional drying heating method relies on heat, radiation, conduction, convection and other ways, the first heating the surface of the object, and then through the heat conduction, so that the internal temperature from outside to inside the gradient is gradually increased. Poor thermal conductivity materials, such as rubber material, the objects within the heat transfer rate is very slow, so it takes a long time to achieve the object as a whole drying. Easily cause the uniformity of the drying objects, affecting the quality of the material and drying. Microwave drying equipment drying penetrating the whole heating materials inside and outside at the same time heating, thermal conductivity is not required, fast heating speed, high efficiency drying. Absorb microwaves and water molecules in the entire drying process up to a temperature materials will not be too high, both to ensure the quality of the materials, but also to reduce the waste of heat source.
A wide range of applications of microwave dryer, microwave drying equipment catalog link you can find related products. The main applications are: microwave dried fruit dryer, microwave nuts dryer, microwave candied dryer, Microwave Preserves dryer, microwave Dry dryer machine microwave Liangguo drying equipment, microwave condiment drying sterilization device, microwave the grapes drying equipment, microwave seafood dryer, microwave chicken chicken powder dry sterilization machine, microwave dry Ru insecticidal drying equipment hundreds of types of products.
In addition to the food industry, is also widely used in building materials industry, the chemical industry, the timber line, the textile industry, paper, ceramics, rubber line to the main application equipment: microwave the refractories drying equipment, drying equipment, microwave fire board , the microwave the fibreboard drying equipment, microwave gypsum board drying equipment, microwave artificial marble heated curing equipment. The microwave the woodchips drying equipment, microwave veneer drying equipment, microwave wood line drying equipment, the microwave doors of drying equipment, microwave bamboo drying equipment, and so on and so on.
Viyasi microwave drying equipment for non-standard equipment. Technical parameters and pricing are for reference only. The equipment can be customized according to your needs. Welcome to call us or to visit our company and discuss cooperation. Tel: 15817188338, Mr. Song.
Please speak  chinese,because my  foreign language is not good!  when you contact  me  or send an E-mail to me.

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