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industrial microwave oven

Model No.︰VYS-150HO
Brand Name︰VIYASI
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 28000 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
The large microwave Gu name their righteousness is of microwave power and the furnace body size than domestic microwave oven industrial microwave equipment. Guangzhou Viyasi microwave equipment produced large microwave is widely used in food, medicine, chemical products, as well as other industries. Conventional models of power of 15 kW, 8 kilowatts and 10 kilowatts. Dimensions of the device usually is: 1680 * 1080 * 1650 1200 * 1000 * 1600mm.
Viyasi large microwave oven according to the application needs, divided into single-layer and multilayer structures can be designed. Mainly used in industrial production. The products that can be used for heating, thawing, drying, sterilization, extraction, sintering, etc.. It is also known as a large-scale industrial microwave.
In order to improve the efficiency of the use of a large microwave oven, industrial microwave oven door structure design of a double door cabinet structure were separate. It is a good transition to intermittent production for the continuity of production, improve efficiency, reduce investment. The double-door industrial microwave power is generally more than 10 kilowatts. Because the structure is relatively complex, so the cost than the single door equipment.
Viyasi mainly as microwave heating equipment for large industrial microwave furnace or microwave sterilization equipment design and shape are not the same, because the purpose is not the same, non-standard equipment. Technical parameters and pricing are for reference only. The equipment can be customized according to your needs. Welcome to call us or to visit our company and discuss cooperation. Contact: Song friendship. Tel: 15817188338.
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