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Microwave heating equipment

  • Microwave heating equipment
  • Microwave heating equipment
  • Microwave heating equipment
Model No.︰80HM8
Brand Name︰Viyasi
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 88000 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description
microwave heating equipment is based on microwave source as the main components of the equipment. 2450MHZ frequency electromagnetic fields generated by microwave equipment 2,450,000,000 times per second the frequency of changes in the cabinet. As the material from polar molecules and non-polar molecules, in the electromagnetic field, the polar molecule from a random distribution of the polar shift in accordance with the arrangement of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic fields in accordance with the changing frequency. This process caused by molecular friction between intense campaign in order to produce heat. In order to achieve electric field can be transformed into internal heat medium so that medium temperature rising.
This heating is a new type of heating methods, no fuel, no boiler, no pollution, consumption, heating without heat conduction, the exterior of the material heated at the same time, the speed of a swift pace, in a few seconds to raise the material temperature to the number of Baidu. At the same time, both inside and outside of objects at the same time as a result of heating, the small temperature difference between inside and outside materials, heating uniformity, greatly improve the heating quality.
Mainly used for: food, medicine, chemical products, timber, paper products, such as the need for heat curing or drying products. Objects into the absorption of microwave energy, the object temperature.
Specific applications include: microwave food heating equipment, microwave heating equipment Drugs, microwave heating equipment condiments, microwave heating equipment of chemical products, rubber microwave heating equipment.
Equipment categories Model: tunnel-type QW-20HM
Microwave frequency: 2450MHz ± 50Hz
Input apparent power: ≤ 30KVA
Microwave output power: ≥ 20KW (adjustable)
Overall dimensions: 11200 × 1165 × 1700mm
Implementation of standards: Microwave leakage in line with national standard GB10436-89
In line with the national electrical safety standard GB5226
This equipment for non-standard equipment. Technical parameters and pricing is for reference only. We can customize your equipment needs. Welcome to call us or go directly to my company visit to discuss cooperation.
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